Davis Airport 7200 Hawkins Creamery Road • Gaithersburg MD 20882• Telephone: (301) 253 - 2897

Flight Instruction

We offer all levels of instruction in our immaculate, well equipped Cessna 172. Training at Davis concentrates on the old fashioned stick and rudder skills necessary for getting into smaller airports as well as the navigation and communication skills demanded by Washington's complex airspace. Learn at Davis and you can fly anywhere. Ground schools are offered in our country casual FBO, where every effort is made to provide the best learning environment.

Fuel Price

• 100 LL : $4.98/ gal

Monthly Tie Down

• Grass: $80

• Hard Stand: $90

• Paved: $110


Hangars Coming Soon!

First  Flight

Interested in taking a flying lesson but not sure if it’s the thing for you? Or do you just want to get up in the sky and feel what it’s like to “slip the surly bonds”? Sign up for a demonstration flight with an instructor for a taste of what humans have dreamed of for millennia, but only been capable of doing for a scant 100 years. We’ll explain the basics of how an airplane works and then take you up for a ride where you can handle the controls. After that the future is up to you.

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