Davis Airport 7200 Hawkins Creamery Road • Gaithersburg MD 20882• Telephone: (301) 253 - 2897

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Fuel Price

• 100 LL : $4.98/ gal

Monthly Tie Down

• Grass: $80

• Hard Stand: $90

• Paved: $110


Hangars Coming Soon!



Davis has recently completed a widening and repaving operation to improve operational safety. The runway is now 50 feet wide and flat with good water drainage and markings. We are gearing up to extend the runway to a total length of 2,600 feet for additional safety. Lighting will also be installed to allow for night operations.



Runway Expansion and Improvements


Davis in partnership with the Minkoff Company will be installing 19 box hangars, 20 T-hangars, and 6 large commercial hangars in 2021. Applications by letter of intent are being accepted now. Pricing is to be determined, will be commensurate with other local airports.

Click here to download the W50 Hangars - Letter of Intent

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